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Savethatname is the automated way to launch a social brand.

Our search engine checks username availability across major social media platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook and many more. We go one step further by also providing an automated route to signup for all available usernames. We even give our partners a kickback for each sale generated from social signups which means you gain a new revenue stream for your business!


Buying a domain is at the heart of online branding, but in the social media world, it's just not enough. Your customers need a complete digital profile, we make it easy for you to give them what they want.

Law Firms

Company creation and trademark protection are equally important to budding businesses. Choosing and creating a name that doesn't conflict with your competitors can be tough, but having great new tools is a major win.

Social Platforms

Your customers are businesses big and small who are trying to make the best use of social technologies. Help them cut through the clutter by strengthening their current name or perhaps finding the perfect new brand name.

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Our API uses the REST framework and can be accessed by all major programming languages. To get you started quickly, we provide basic backend and frontend code snippets for scaffolding a functioning user interface.