Our Mission Is Simple

We want to make it easy to name stuff.

Founded with ♥ in 2014

We believe that ideas only become real when you name them. It doesn't really matter if your idea is a product, a website, a movie, or a book. How else would you be able to talk about it without a name? In other words, we want to help be the reason your idea turned from a seed into a full-grown success.

Our founders, Anthony Placet and Jesse Sanford, began to explore the idea of making it easy to sign up across social media when you buy a domain around 2014. The idea came from watching incubators and startups pop up rapidly and noticing them all go through the same difficult naming process to get started. Anthony and Jesse thought they could do better, so they put their heads down and built and launched the first ever DIY e-commerce platform for automatically registering a username across dozens of popular social media channels.

In late 2017, they built and privately launched the first ever API for automatically searching and signing up usernames across those same sites.

Today we are a distributed team of developers and support specialists across the US powering millions of searches per day.

If you think you make a good addition to our team, we'd love to hear from you.
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