Frequently Asked Questions
API Accounts
Can I just use the search endpoints and not the signup endpoint?
Legacy accounts will be able to use only the search enpoint, but all new accounts will have both the search and signup endpoints bundled together.
Will our customers see our name on their receipt?
If you have an agency account or above, your customers will see your name and branding on their receipts. For startup accounts and below they will see both our companies side by side.
Do I need a stripe account for payouts?
Yes, stripe allows us to split your commission at the point of sale so that there is no delay or holding of monies for any amount of time.
When do I get paid?
You get paid instantly at the point of purchase. Stripe allows us to automatically split the end user payment according to the commission percentage of your account level.
I'm getting an error message, what does it mean?
Our API docs contains an extensive list of errors and their meanings. The most common errors we see are due to improperly typed endpoint urls, so please double check them first.
How do I create a new public key for my app?
To create a new public key, just login to your account and navigate to the admin panel. From there you will see your keys and button to generate a new key.
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End Users
How much does it cost?
Each name you want costs a flat fee of $99. Some names will be available everywhere, some names will only be available on a small amount of sites, so it is up to you to decide if you want to pay the flat fee for the service.
How long does it take?
Orders can take up to three days depending on how many other orders are in the queue. However, on average most orders are completed within 24 hours, and some within a couple hours.
What if the name I want is taken?
If the name you want is taken we cannot magically get it for you. We can only signup names that have not previously been registered. We write up tips and tricks on our blog that can help make sense of finding the perfect name.
Can you help me contact the company that has the account I want?
Unfortunately no. If you want to contact the company or the person who owns the account that is up to you. There is a small chance of success, and having a registered trademark definitely helps.
Why do I need to give you my real phone number?
We use your phone number in two ways. One is to make sure you are a real person. And two, we will send you the verification codes from sites that require them. You just need to text us back the code you receive and we will do the rest. If you don't provide a real number we can't ensure your accounts will all be created correctly.
Why did I get a proxy email address?
The proxymail address just helps us make sure your accounts can be created without any snags because it is a fresh email that has never been used anywhere before. You don't really have to think about it as emails will land in your normal inbox anyhow.
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